Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wilderness Medicine Seminar for Irish Medical Students

   Last weekend on 27-28 October, Remote Medicine Ireland hosted 81 medical students from around the country for a weekend of Wilderness Medicine.
   The Emergency Medicine Student Society of Ireland asked RMI to conduct a weekend out in the wilds of Wicklow mountains. RMI gave them a weekend of fun and learning.

   RMI invited three physicians to come and give talks on what Wilderness Medicine did for their careers. We had one doctor who worked in Papua New Guinea as an embassy doctors, one who worked in Camp Bastian, Afganistan, and we had the doctor for the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue team.
   In addition we had Advanced Paramedic, US Paramedics and Wilderness EMTs provide a hands on outdoor learning environment for these medical students to see what practicing medicine in the wild is like.

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