Sunday, October 30, 2011

Diploma of Remote Medical Practice

   RMI has been negotiating with Middlesex University to grant a Diploma for the wilderness and remote courses. Currently, we are still discussing terms, conditions and pricing but it looks like things will fall into place.
   The structure of the diploma will follow the WEFR/REMT courses and hopefully allow for clinical placements in Dublin, London or Croatia. Those details will emerge later in 2012. The basis of the diploma is outlined below.

   First, students will have to enroll with Middlesex and send in their RMI certificates with their registration. They will then assess your prior learning, your certificates with RMI and any academics that you have already completed. They will determine where you fit into their academic structure.
   Second, you continue enrolling in RMI courses up to the Remote EMT. Even the bushcraft courses from Kerry Bushcraft School count for credit.
   Finally, the registrar from Middlesex will let you know when you have completed the requirements for a HDip, BSc, MSc or PhD.

   Costs are always the main issue. On the Middlesex website it says that the Diploma is £3600. We are negotiating with a Limerick based branch of the university to figure out an Irish option that will not cost any more than that amount.

   Currently, RMI instructor Aebhric is talking with the university about using his twenty years of military and academic training to convert into a PhD in Remote Medical Practice. The sky is the limit when discussing your academic options for Work Based Learning.

Overview of the HDip:
1. Enroll in Middlesex University <£3600
2. Enroll in RMI WEFR  €700
3. Enroll in RMI REMT €999
4. Enroll in the EMT Intermediate €1500
5. Enroll in KBS Basic & Bushcraft €150

Total cost for the Diploma in Remote Medical Practice = €6000 or less.

More information can be found at Remote Medicine Ireland.

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