Monday, July 2, 2012

RMI Paramedic Course

   This coming August, 2012, RMI will launch our first AREMT Paramedic programme. At the moment we have nine students enrolled and ready to start their adventure.

  The course will start off with 8 months of online training through the Paramedic Interactive website and the JBPublishing Navigate software. The classroom based training will be separated into a 2 week block and a 1 week block.
   Paramedic students will focus on the online and textbook based training for four months before meeting in the classroom for a one week introduction course. During that first week, Paramedic students will take an A&P and pathophysiology exam and go through the ACLS, PEPP and ATT or ITLS courses.

   Students then return home for advanced topics in paramedical studies. The second 4 month block of home study covers medical subjects such as: paediatrics, obstetrics, orthopaedics, endocrinology and other "ology" topics before they return for the last classroom based training.

   The final two weeks cover all of the paramedic programme. Students will be given a practise final exam and the final exam. They will also have several days of scenario based practical examinations. 

   Once the students have passed all of their didactic courses they are free to choose which clinical locations they would like to use to get their 4 weeks of clinical training.

   Clinical rotations can be done in any of our clinical sites or the student can choose to find their own clinical placements with the approval of the RMI paramedical staff.

   Student do two weeks of A&E placement in the UK and two weeks of ambulance placement in Poland. RMI is also looking at clinical placements in the Africa, Micronesia and the Central America.

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