Monday, September 24, 2012

Medical Kit List

In Wilderness, Expedition and Remote Medicine you don't always have a lot of medical kit with you. The kit you carry is what you have.
Here is a list of essential medical kit.

Bandages and Splints

Rolled Gauze 

Plasters (The Yanks call them Band-Aids) 

Elastic bandages. 

SAM Splints.

Trauma Shears.

Head Torch.
Duct Tape.
We will be putting up a blog on how many uses are out there for this magical item.

Super Glue.
Safety Pins.
Triangular Bandages.

Survival Blanket

Exam Gloves

OTC Drug Options for the Remote Medic

This list is an introductory list of medical kit that is mandatory. There are plenty of additional options depending on your medical training and your medical cover.
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