Monday, March 12, 2012

WEFR Course February 2012

WEFR students and RMI Instructors

   In February 2012, eleven students and six past student helpers attended the Wilderness Emergency First Responder course held in Killarney National Park. The students enjoyed spectacular weather for February. The sun was out for most of the nine days of class. 

   The classroom was busy with so many students and helpers but we managed to hold much of the class outside in the beautiful landscape within the park.

   The students learned basic airway techniques using the airway manikins. These lucky students were some the first one to learn the supraglottic airways called the iGel. The Irish Prehospital Emergency Care Counsel just authorized EFRs to use the new airway devices and to use hand suction for casualties.

   WFR students learned how to improvise medical equipment using whatever kit and gear that they have available. The training included using a backpack to stabilse a suspected cervical fracture by immobilizing the spine and using a make shift bit of medical kit. 

   The students learned how to treat a femur fracture by using the Kendrick's Traction Splint in addition to the vacuum splint. Together they work pretty well.

   RMI Instructors showed sheep's hearts, lungs and kidneys as part of the four hour "Mini Medical School" held on day 1.

   Students learned how to make an improvised litter using a climbing rope and a survival shelter.

There are over a hundred pictures of this course on the Facebook page.

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