Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Remote EMT Course March, 2012

In March 2012, eight students attended the Remote Emergency Medical Technician course held in Killarney National Park. The students enjoyed spectacular weather for March. The sun was out for most of the five days of class. 

Students spent two months of online study before attending the 14 days of hands on training and testing.


Students learned several different bandaging techniques using kit that can be found on ambulances worldwide as well as military operations.

Advanced Airway Course taught in remote locations

The course covered NPA, OPA, iGel which is the new supraglottic airway, Combitubes and ET tubes.

Several different tourniquets were used

In an operational environment Remote Medics will come across many different types of tourniquets. The most commonly used tourniquet is the Combat Action Tourniquet or CAT. RMI students spent most of their time becoming familiar with this device. 
Other tourniquets taught were the MAT - Mechanical Action Tourniquet, the SOF-T Special Operations Tourniquet,  and the NATO. 

Suturing was also taught

Most of the scenarios were outside in Killarney National Park

Intraosseous cannulation was also taught.

RMI feels that cannulation therapy is an important part of Remote Medical training. For the medic who finds herself far from the support of a good EMS system, it is important to have all of the necessary skills to keep your casualty alive. Fluid rehydration is best given by drinking but for a severely wounded casualty there must be alternatives. 
Cannulation via the arm is the industry standard but over the past few years more organisations are relying on intraosseous as a treatment for shock.
Additionally, the Remote Medic needs to be able to give fluids via rectal rehydration as well.

Rectal Rehydration

The Remote students all did well. The final exam scores were all well into the 80-90 percent. After only 14 days of training these students were scoring well enough to have passed the EMT-Basic exam held anywhere in the United States. They took the same exam as the US students get.
This shows the dedication of the RMI students who learned a lot about EMT-Basic medical training online prior to coming to Killarney National Park for the classroom based part of the course.

More information can be found on our website www.RemoteMedicine.ie

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