Friday, April 13, 2012

Traction Splints

For Remote Medics, dealing with a mid shaft femur fracture can be extremely challenging. Luckily there are some options for dealing with this injury.

   First and foremost, do not attempt to pull traction on a broken femur without medical training and more importantly, medical oversight. These advanced skills that are taught at Remote Medicine Ireland can only be used with proper training and a currently registered medical doctor who will back up your actions.

   When assessing suspected femur fractures you need to determine where the fracture is located. Only a mid shaft femur fracture can be treated with traction. 

   Pulling on a broken, mid shaft femur will cause more injuries if you have a broken tib/fib. Also, if you have a suspected pelvic fracture you will not use a traction device.
   Femur traction devices push on the ischium of the pelvic. If there is a pelvic fracture this pressure will cause further pain and bleeding.

How to apply the Kendrick’s Traction Splint

1. Check your equipment. Make sure that all of the pieces of kit are present.

2. Measure the pole to the good leg. If the broken leg is used as a measurement reference the pole will be too short.

3. Apply the ankle harness snuggly around the ankle. Keep all of the straps long for now.
            - Pull the Green Tab to apply the strap along the bottom of the foot.
            - Put the Yellow Tab onto the hook at the end of the pole.
            - Pull the Red Tab to create the tension needed for traction.

4. Be sure to check for CMS before and after pulling traction. If the pulse is lost then loosen or remove the traction tension.

5. Place a figure-of-eight around the feet.

6. Buddy strap the legs together.

7. Evacuate. You are not going to keep this casualty out in the woods playing cards, are you? Get help or activate your evacuation plan. 

Kendrick's Traction Device

CT-6 Traction Device 

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