Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Improvised Stretchers

For those who find themselves deep into the wilds of Ireland and around the world, it is important to know how to do many things with what little equipment that you carry.

   During our Wilderness Emergency First Responder course, students learn to improvise medical supplies using whatever equipment that they would normally carry on a hike or expedition.
   There are several options for designing an improvised stretcher. One option is using tent poles or long wooden staves in addition to a normal survival bag.
   First, lay out the survival bag and place the poles on top.

Then fold the longer flap over the middle pole. Remove the middle pole before the flap comes over. Return the pole to the same place once the flap has been pulled over.

Then fold the right flap over the pole lying on top of the survival bag.

The weight of the casualty will keep the stretcher intact.

   Another option is using a climbing rope along with the survival bag. If you find yourself where there are no options for creating the poles you can use rope or twine to to make a stretcher.
   First lay the rope out in loops. Then pull the loops into the middle and lace them on top.

This is the finished product.

Never substitute actual medical training for looking at a blog post. This post is for information only and is used for past RMI students to refresh their memory of these techniques.

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