Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wilderness First Aid Course

RMI offered a WFA course this past weekend in the Killarney National Park's Education Centre. During this course nine students enjoyed fantastic Kerry weather and earned their certificate in Wilderness First Aid.

During this course students learned patient assessment skills.

They learned CPR skills.

They learned how to treat pelvic fractures.

Pulse taking and learning how to find vital signs were taught.

Students learned about chest injuries.

Environmental injuries are always a risk for the Wilderness Responder.

Scraps and bumps are common for the outdoors.

This course was a testing ground for three of the new Assistant Instructors for RMI, Mark Needham, Adrian Spillett, and Tim Fullwood were teaching this course in partial requirement for earning their RMI instructor certificates.
Mark Needham

Adrian Spillett

Tim Fullwood

The course was taught in Killarney National Park.

In the Knockreer House at the education centre.

more information can be found at www.RemoteMedicine.ie

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