Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wilderness First Aid Level 3

   Last weekend RMI offered our first WFA3 course here in Killarney National Park. We had students come in to gain their certification requirements for either mountain leader or level three kayaking instructor.

   During the Wilderness First Aid level 3 course students learn how to assist with advanced airways.

   Students learn how to assess a suspected spinal fracture. They are taught the Focused Spinal Assessment where they can clear a casualty with an MOI of spinal injury. This is only allowed with a physician oversight. 

   They learn how to splint using improvised kit. In the wilderness, the first aider will not always have an abundance of medical kit and must use what is available. Part of the WFA3 course is learning what can be used for improvised medical equipment.

   Students learn how to use a team for log rolling a casualty. Sometimes the first aider must roll a casualty when they are alone but it is important to know how to use by standers to help.

Scenarios are held outside. The students were lucky to have excellent weather for the course. 

Students learned how to apply air splints.

And vacuum splints.

Blister treatment was taught using tincture of benzoin and moleskin.

Students learned how to relocate dislocated shoulders, fingers and kneecaps.

They learned how to use steristrips, benzoin tincture and tegaderm for closing minor wounds.

RMI Assistant Instructor Tim Fullwood taught most of the course with Aebhric O'Kelly.

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